Marsh Plant Hire 0.8 ton Mini Diggers to 8 ton Excavators

Modern hydraulic excavators come in a wide variety of sizes. The smaller ones are called mini or compact excavators. Before the 1990's all excavators had a long or conventional counterweight that hung off the rear of the machine to provide more digging force and lifting capacity. This became a nuisance when working in confined areas. In 1993 Yanmar launched the world's first Zero Tail Swing excavator, which allows the counterweight to stay inside the width of the tracks as it slews, thus being safer and more user friendly when used in a confined space. This type of machine is now widely used throughout the world.

Hydraulic excavator capabilities have expanded far beyond excavation tasks with buckets. With the advent of hydraulic-powered attachments such as a breaker, a grapple or an auger, the excavator is frequently used in many applications other than excavation. Many excavators feature a quick coupler for simplified attachment mounting, increasing the machine's utilization on the jobsite.

Kubota K008-3                                                              PDF DOWNLOAD


Engine output: 10.2/2050 PS/rpm 7.4/2050 kW/rpm  Machine weight: 850kg
Overall length: 2750mm  Overall height: 1420mm  Bucket capacity: 0.022/0.018m3

Kubota KX015-4                                                                                                PDF DOWNLOAD


Engine output: 13/2300 PS/rpm 9.6/2300 kW/rpm  Machine weight: 1470/1420kg
Overall length:3710mm Overall height:cabin 2350mm /canopy 2330mm Bucket capacity:0.035m3

 Kubota KX71-3                                                            PDF DOWNLOAD

 Engine output: 27.5/2300 PS/rpm 20.5/2300 kW/rpm  Machine weight: cabin 2790/2800kg
 canopy 2685/2695kg Overall length: 4520/4550mm Overall height: cabin 2410mm canopy 2430mm

 Bucket capacity: 0.07m3

        Kubota KX030-4                                                           PDF DOWNLOAD


        Engine output: 24/2250 PS/rpm 17.7/2250 kW/rpm  Machine weight: cabin 2790/2865kg
        canopy 2720/2795kg Overall length:4570mm Overall height:cabin 2420mm canopy 2420mm

 Kubota U48.4                                                               PDF DOWNLOAD


 Engine output: 28.8/2200 PS/rpm 40.5/2200 kW/rpm  Machine weight: 4775kg
 Overall length: 5330mm Overall height: 2550mm Bucket capacity: 0.14/.012m3

 Kubota KX080-3                                                           PDF DOWNLOAD

 Engine output: 65.0/2000 PS/rpm 47.8/2000 kW/rpm  Machine weight: 8195(7960)kg
 Overall length: 6410mm Overall height: 2540mm Overall width: 2200mm
 Bucket capacity: 0.25/0.21m3

  Kubota KX080-4                                                          PDF DOWNLOAD

  Engine output: 65.0/2000 PS/rpm 47.8/2000 kW/rpm  Machine weight: 8195kg
  Overall length: 6410mm  Overall height: 2540mm  Overall width: 2200mm
  Bucket capacity: 0.25/0.21m3

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